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Brief articles on how to step up your cooking game

Why You Should Cook


TL;DR, Quick Bullet Points

  • Serve & love people
  • Make friends of enemies
  • Food tastes good
  • You have to eat to survive
  • It’s fulfilling
  • It’s fun
  • Food tastes good
  • It’s a good skill to have
  • Impress your SO
  • Easy gifts
  • Host parties
  • Family Meals
  • Food tastes good
  • It’s rewarding

I would like to take a couple minutes of your time and make a case for why you should invest more time in the kitchen. Not to convince you to become the next celebrity chef, but to hopefully encourage you to kick it up a notch (get it). Here are my top reasons why you should cook better food, more often.


It’s Fun

If you are here reading this, you probably have some interest in cooking. If you hate cooking and are looking for people to put down and enlighten them that cooking sucks, please leave it in the comments below…

Cooking is a perfect balance of art, science, problem solving, and socializing. You are presented with unique ingredients, and have the ability to turn them into tasty creations with a little manipulation.

If you like to have alone time (like Bug, my wife), cooking can give that to you. You can tune out, put on some music, an audiobook, or podcast, pour yourself a tall glass of wine (wine and cooking go great together btw), and spend some time perfecting that sourdough recipe.

If you’re like me, you can bring other people into the process. Just a few weeks ago, we had family over and we spent the evening stuffing our own tortellini. It was fun, and a memorable experience for me. We all get to create, and get our hands into the meal before we shove our faces into it.


You Gotta Eat

It’s necessary for survival. Food keeps us going. Wouldn’t you rather live on succulent tender herb crusted chicken breast with roasted veggies and delicious rice, rather than survive on tough, stringy, over cooked chicken and rice a roni?

With just a smidge more effort, your skills in the kitchen can improve drastically, making your food taste better. I guarantee you will like eating better food, it’s our guarantee, I guarantee it.

Serve People, and Show Them Love

Every week my mother in law, Cathi, would go to the bank to deposit a savings bond for Bug (who was 5 or something at the time. What the heck is even a savings bond anymore? Anyways). There was a particular woman there who HATED Cathi. I’m not sure the back story, but every time she walked in, this woman happened to be working and met her with rolled eyes and a short, snarky attitude. Cathi always left feeling like she had done something wrong.

One day, Cathi brought her a plate of brownies as a peace offering. The woman instantly brightened up, came around the counter, and gave Cathi a big hug. From that day forward, Cathi was always met with a big smile.


Cooking is more often not about you, but who’s going to be around your table. During the many years of experience and enlightening I’ve undergone (sarcasm, I’m 25), I’ve come to understand that people like food that they don’t have to cook. Now you may say, what the heck then? Why don’t I just befriend someone who already likes to cook? I’ll let you in on another secret…

Serving a meal is actually more satisfying.

Showing your friends, family, coworkers, employees, neighbors, enemies, whoever that you care for them and want to serve them is such a great reward in itself. People love to eat food, and they will love you if you make it for them.

Food Tastes Good

Yeah, it does. It’s really good. The more you cook, the more you will hone in on exactly how you like your food cooked, like steak. Eventually, you will prefer cooking steak at home, rather than spending 3 times as much for a steak you like 10 times less.

Although there are many more reasons to cook, these are some of my favorites. Food is one of the few things that can always connect us to other people, regardless of background. So invite some people over for a meal. Go ahead, text someone.



Open your home, serve people, and keep cooking.

Kirk Castro